Piercing The Veil

Talking Politics, A.I., and Kindness with crypto currency entrepreneur, Brock Pierce.


When it comes to fascinating characters of the 21st century, you can’t get more unique than crypto currency and technology innovator, Brock Pierce. Known from the playa of Burning Man to the cement sidewalks of Wall Street, Pierce’s name carries weight in some wide ranging, disparate circles. As outspoken as he is contemplative, thoughtful, and business savvy, Pierce has even ventured into the brutal game of U.S. politics. Back in 2020, he mounted an outsider’s run for the U.S. Presidency as a long-shot independent candidate.

Recently, he sat down with Die First,Then Quit’s own, Tyrel Ventura to weigh in on some of the most pressing technology based dilemmas the United States is facing today, from the good and the bad of Artificial Intelligence to the ugly of high tech censorship. He also discusses his latest big idea ventures for bringing peace and love to the forefront of both business and politics.

So click play, sit back, and perk up your ears for this edition of the Independent Streak Podcast only on Jesse Ventura’s Die First, Then Quit…

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