Apr 28 • 29M

Pinkertons + Magic The Gathering = Corporate Dystopia

Tabetha Wallace Brings Us A Bizarre Story Of Corporate Greed Gone Crazy

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Jesse & Tyrel Ventura
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On this edition of The Independent Streak Podcast former Watching The Hawks Co-Host Tabetha Wallace joins Tyrel Ventura to discuss a truly fascinating tale of spells, card games, and real life corporate mercenaries.

The story goes that Wizards of the Coast, a gaming company owned by Hasbro, flexed their corporate muscle on YouTuber Dan Cannon by sending the infamous Pinkerton Agency to his doorstep for allegedly stealing and broadcasting on his YouTube channel a yet to be released expansion pack for the Magic The Gathering card game. However, according to Cannon, he never stole anything. In fact, he claims that it was the company’s own fault he had possession of the cards.

As Gizmodo reports…

Cannon told io9 that he believes received these cards because of a distribution error. He says he was not aware of any embargo on revealing these cards, and says that YouTubers frequently open early boxes and are allowed to show off cards early.

So why is this weird tale of an 1890’s detective agency sent to intimidate a 21st Century YouTuber over a 1990’s era card game so important? Well, Tabetha and Tyrel are here to break it all down on and tell you why, right here on Jesse Ventura’s Die First Then Quit.

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