Welcome Everyone…

Gov. Jesse Ventura here to announce that I’m bringing my unique brand of politics, philosophy, and personal experiences to the fantastic free speech platform that is Substack.

Here you will find all my thoughts, opinions, and personal life stories from more than five decades of living the many adventures that have made up my life. From my younger days as a UDT/SEAL to the wild world of professional wrestling and then on to when I shocked the world and became the 38th Governor of the great state of Minnesota. 

Every week, subscribers will have access to brand new original articles, exclusive podcasts, and video commentary covering current important news stories, events, and figures, as only Jesse “The Body” Ventura can provide. 

Why Substack…

Last year I celebrated my 70th trip around the sun and while I’m excited to enter into my so-called twilight years, I am very disheartened to see that history has once again repeated itself. 

After a many successful years of speaking truth to power on my hit television show “The World According To Jesse” on RT America, I was unceremoniously removed from the airwaves after speaking out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, just like I was silenced back in 2003 when MSNBC took me off the air during run up to the United State’s invasion of Iraq.

Two times now my unwavering belief in peace and outspoken criticism of the Military Industrial Complex have cost me my job. There will not be a third! So, like Lebron James heading to Miami, I’m bringing my talents to Substack, one of the few places left where free speech still reigns supreme.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally have found a home where I can speak directly to you, the people. No more strings attached, no more corporate sponsors, or anonymous network suits worried about looking good at DC cocktail parties. Here it will just be me, uncut, unfiltered and unleashed.

My Promise To You…

In today’s world of political spin and paid off pundits it’s damn near impossible to find anyone who actually says what they truly believe, not what they are paid to believe. Rarely do you see a politician, journalist, or commentator speak truth to power or stand by their convictions in the face of adversity. Better yet, when was the last time you saw a leader today actually admit when they were wrong?

My pledge to you dear subscriber, is that here you will always get my honest truth. I will call it as I see it and say whatever is on my mind, just like I did all those years ago sitting ringside with Gorilla Monsoon. And if I change my mind or am proven wrong? I will be the first to admit it. I don’t lick my finger and hold it up to the winds of popularity or political opportunity, like Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

With the planet and humanity on the brink. With the War Hawks and Wall Street Barbarians at our gates. With the two party dictatorship that runs the U.S. government codifying the corporate greed of the Democrats and the Republican cult of oppression. I’ve spent my life running against these winds of fascism and hypocrisy. 

And while others my age are moving to the beach and cashing Social Security checks, I’m not hanging up my spurs anytime soon. Not by a long shot. I’m a UDT/SEAL we die first, then quit. 

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